Company Registration in Delhi

What do you mean by the term Company Registration The term Company registration in simple words can be defined as the primary process which helps various business owners in the process of incorporating or establishing their company. Types of Company structures available in India for the process of company registration in Delhi India is a huge country with several types of companies in it, thus, businessmen need to make sure that they choose a business type which is perfect for them to carry out their operations. • Listed below are Different types of company structures available in India for company registration in Delhi:- 1. Limited liability partnerships:- As the name suggests, Limited liability partnership is a flexible legal entity in which partners are subjected to limited liability. 2. One person company:- As the name suggests, the company structure of one person company means that there is only a single owner of the company. Also there are minimum requirements in the process of a company registration of one person company. 3. Private limited company:- As the name suggests the private limited company is owned by private stakeholders. The owners are subjected to limited liabilities depending upon the number of Shares that they are holding. 4. Public limited company:- Any company structure that allows the public to buy its shares is known as a public limited company. Because the public is involved in it, a public limited company is required to publish its true and clear financial statements every year. 5. Section 8 company:- Any company which is formed for social welfare comes under a Section 8 company. SpectraNet companies aim to provide various benefits to society. Let us now discuss the procedure online Company registration in Delhi Company registration is an important part of a business thus everyone should get it done. Listed below are the steps that are involved in an online process of Company registration in Delhi. 1) The first step in the company registration process in Delhi is to apply for a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). 2) The second step in the company registration process involves application for Director Identification Number (DIN) 3) Applying for name availability for the process of company registration in Delhi is what you have to do in this Step 3. 4) In case you are registering for a private limited company you need to file EMoa & eAoA in the fourth step. 5) Step number 5 involves application for the PAN and TAN of the company. 6) In step number 6 A certificate of incorporation which will also be acting as a certificate of company registration will be issued by ROC along with PAN and TAN of the company. 6) Last but not the least, in step number 7 you are required to open a current bank account with the name of your company that you are planning to get registered with.

Need of Company Registration in Delhi We are sure that you must be wondering that what is the need of company registration in Delhi so listed below are some points which will definitely clear your mind and clearly explain you the importance of company registration in delhi 1) Your company is provided with the opportunity of generating more capital. 2) After getting your company registered in Delhi, your company will now act as a Separate legal entity. 3) Once your company is registered, you will be subjected to limited liability. That means you will not be held responsible for any kind of death which is attached to the company. 4) Any person who owns more number of shares will be given the power of taking maximum decisions on the basis of the number of shares he owns. 5) Getting your company registered in Delhi will provide you with the power of enhancing your brand image. To Know more about the process and details of company registration, contact us now. You can rest and relax while we complete the rest of the process.