GST Registration in Delhi

The Introduction of Goods and Services tax by the government has been a big change in the taxation system in India. Although so much time has passed since it has been introduced in India, still there is a large percentage of people who do not know about it properly. Everyone has a similar question, which is, what is GST? What is GST Registration in Delhi ? Here is some basic knowledge about GST and GST registration in Delhi. • GST stands for goods and services tax. • GST is a single tax under which one gets his business registered? • If you do not get your business registered by GST, then you are subjected to heavy fines and penalties that can be levied. • Once you get GST registration in Delhi, done, you are allowed to collect GST from your customers. I guess these many points were enough to tell you why you should get your business registered so that you don't go against the law. Types of GST 1) Central Goods and services tax (CGST) • In central GST, the taxes are levied by the central government on intra state supplies of goods or services. • Central GST is applicable for supplies inside a state. • Input tax credit in case of central GST is applicable against CGST and IGST. 2) State Goods and Services Tax(SGST) • In state GST, the taxes are levied by the state government on intra state supplies. • State GST is applicable for supplies inside a state. • The input tax credit In state GST is against SGST and IGST. 3) Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST)- • In Integrated GST, the taxes are levied by the central government on Inter state supplies. • Integrated GST is applicable for Inter state supplies and imports as well. • The input tax credit in integrated GST is applicable against CGST, SGST and IGST as well. Who all go for their GST registration in Delhi ? All businesses that are involved in buying or selling of goods or provide services or are involved in both the activities should Apply for GST registration in Delhi for their businesses. However, the persons listed below should compulsory get their GST registered in Delhi. 1. Previous low converted taxpayer. 2. Turnover for service provider. 3. Casual taxpayers. 4. Agents or supply of suppliers or input service distributors. 5. NRE taxable person. 6. Reverse charge mechanism. 7. Ecommerce portal and sellers. 8. Outside India online portals. 9. Transferee. 10. Interstate operations. 11. Brands. 12. Other taxations. 13. Voluntary GST registration. 14. Interstate GST registration. 15.Branches. 16. Turnover for goods providers. Steps of GST registration in Delhi. As we all know that GST was introduced by the State and central government In order to simplify the indirect taxes system. So let us now help you to make your GST registration in Delhi simple by providing you with complete guidance. All you have to do is follow the 4 steps listed below in order to get your GST registered. • Fill the simple application form that is provided on our website. • Submit all the required documents according to your business category. • We will then file all the forms on your behalf, along with your declaration. • As soon as we get your GST generated number, we will inform you about it For more details and information about GST registration, connect with us now. We promise to solve all your queries.